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Freelance Copywriting

Melissas's Copy is a Freelance Copywriting & Content Marketing agency located in Malvern, UK. Melissa's Copy provides a wide range of copywriting services, including website copywriting, blog writing, social media marketing, email marketing, PR / article writing and sales material copywriting.


Melissa's Copy has worked with many businesses operating within a large range of industries, from engineering and finance to entertainment and leisure, and everything in between; providing top-class copywriting and content marketing support.

Copywriting in Malvern

Melissa Snow, founder and owner of Melissa's Copy, currently resides in Malvern. Malvern is a spa town located in Herefordshire, which lies at the foot of the Malvern Hills. The Malvern Hills is a recognised Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

At the town's centre is Great Malvern, a historical conservation area. This area grew substantially in the Victorian period due to the natural mineral water springs, including Malvern Water. The district of Malvern Link is also situated within the town, and the area is collectively known as The Malverns.

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