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Why Start an Email Newsletter?

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Has your business started sending out regular e-newsletters yet? If not, what are you waiting for?! Email marketing is a highly effective marketing tool, allowing you to communicate clearly with a global customer base.

In today’s competitive digital world, our inboxes are often crammed full of businesses trying to sell their products and services; therefore, it is vitally important that your email doesn’t end up in the trash! Draw new clients in with promotions and sales or share your latest news and updates with your loyal customers – with enough time and effort, you can easily convert those subscribers into sales. Discover our top 5 reasons for starting an email newsletter below…

1) Cheap & Easy

E-newsletters are a cheap and easy way to drive sales, providing a fantastic opportunity to get the word out about your products and/or services and encourage sales via direct links. Unlike with social media, your subscriber list is yours only, meaning you don’t need to compete with fellow businesses for the same customers! However, a good newsletter shouldn’t just be a sales tool – instead, why not bring your customers along on your journey by sharing regular, personalised news and updates?!

2) Build Your Brand In this day and age, branding is vitally important for businesses of all sizes. Newsletters offer an invaluable opportunity to build your brand and consistently provide valuable content to your audience members. Good branding isn’t just about design; language, tone of voice and colours are all essential for a strong brand identity. You can share quality content and connect with your audience via a top-quality email newsletter strategy.

3) Establish Relationships Email newsletters allow you to create and maintain relationships with exclusive groups of subscribers. Just like plants or pets, relationships need constant nurturing and care in order to thrive; therefore, you must provide valuable and insightful information that meets your subscribers’ needs on a regular basis. By making your subscribers feel like part of an exclusive group, you will improve loyalty and trust, increasing overall sales.

4) Get Personal There is no one-size-fits-all approach to email marketing! When sending out email campaigns, it is important to personalise each email and make each subscriber feel like you have addressed the newsletter solely to them. Popular email platforms such as Mailchimp include options to personalise your subscribers’ names, businesses, emails and more. You can even send targeted campaigns to segmented groups based on specific interests and demographics.

5) Add Value As human beings, we crave understanding and recognition; always endeavour to give back to your community of loyal followers and make them feel valued and worthy. Give your customers a behind-the-scenes look into your company and processes, and share tips, advice and exclusive information that subscribers can’t access anywhere else. This will ensure that your relationship is mutually beneficial, thus encouraging overall sales.

Effective Email Marketing Campaigns from Melissa’s Copy

Email marketing is an easy and effective way to let your customers know you value them. But email marketing can be time-consuming and daunting, as it is vitally important to keep in touch with your customers and provide quality content on a consistent basis.

Here at Melissa’s Copy, we produce top-class email campaigns for multiple clients on a regular basis; engaging with both new and existing customer bases to help drive sales. Our team create engaging subject lines and develop superior email copy, in order to keep your audience reading and encourage them to take action. If you’re seeking some help with your email marketing, please get in touch at – we would be happy to help!

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