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Why Instagram is Our Social Media Platform of Choice

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Is your business utilising Instagram yet? Instagram is a powerful and affordable way to grow your business, providing countless opportunities to reach new customers, connect with existing clients, and make sales directly via the app. So, what are you waiting for?!

This hugely popular photo and video sharing platform is considered the best social media platform for engagement. It is visual, easy to use and attracts more younger generations than any other social platform. With highly appealing visual components and specific mobile usage features, it’s no surprise that Instagram is the chosen social media platform of many. Keep reading to discover why…

Instagram’s Features

Instagram users can share photos or video posts, temporary stories that last for 24 hours, short 15-second video reels, IGTV videos, shopping functions and much more. Good Instagram posts consist of high-quality images, engaging copy, and a wide range of relevant hashtags; as well as including direct links to your website. Instagram carousels allow you to share up to 10 photos or videos in one post, giving you more chances for followers to interact with your content. Instagram is also an important networking tool, allowing you to collaborate with brands or influencers to reach more people.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes can thrive on the app – from large, well-known organisations to small-scale businesses and solo entrepreneurs. Whether you’re a trendy B2C company or a long-established B2B business, there’s a place for you on Instagram. Business profiles give you access to personalised analytics, allowing you to monitor stats and demographics on your followers. This helps you to understand who your target audience is, and the type of content they like to see on Instagram. There are also opportunities for paid advertising on Instagram, allowing you to reach people that don’t already follow you.

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Instagram

Instagram can help your followers put a face to the brand, providing an excellent opportunity to build trust, credibility, and rapport with your followers. Here are just 5 of the reasons why your business should be using Instagram:

1) Grow Your Audience

Instagram has over 1 billion active monthly users, with an even gender mix. 64% of users are aged between 18-34 years. So, if you’re looking to engage with the younger generation, Instagram is the ideal platform for you!

2) Connect with Existing Customers

Engagement on Instagram is 15x higher than on Facebook and 22x higher than on Twitter, with an average time of 53 minutes spent on the platform each day. That’s a whole lot of engaged users that your business could be reaching!

3) Build Trust with Clients

Instagram stories are particularly useful for helping build trust with your clients. Over 500 million people use stories each day, with 62% of users being more interested in a brand or product after seeing it appear on stories.

4) Promote Your Business

Having a dedicated business profile will help strengthen your branding and increase credibility. 200 million users visit at least one business profile per day, with 90% of accounts following at least one business on Instagram.

5) Increase Sales

130 million Instagram profiles interact with shopping posts, and over 72% of overall users purchase products directly via the platform. It is vitally important to ensure that your profile is user-friendly, so that customers can shop til’ they drop!

How to Encourage Growth on Instagram

Simply creating an Instagram profile isn’t enough to grow followers and increase overall sales. You need to be active on the platform, providing high-quality content that will add real value to your followers. Check out our top tips for encouraging growth on Instagram below:

  • Share content that will add value to your followers, i.e. recipes or how-to guides

  • Engage with your followers i.e. like, comment and share your followers’ posts

  • Post interactive content i.e. Q&A posts with a strong call to action

  • Utilise all 30 hashtags available to you within your posts

Intelligent Instagram Solutions from Melissa’s Copy

In today’s digital world, it is vitally important that your business has a bulletproof online presence. Instagram is a totally FREE form of advertising, allowing you to elevate your brand above key competitors.

Here at Melissa’s Copy, our team of Instagram experts develop extensive and valuable social media strategies, helping you to promote the messages that really count. We deliver precise and engaging copy on a daily basis, as well as producing visually striking branded imagery for Instagram. Drop us an email at today to discover how we can help your business thrive on Instagram!

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