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Melissa helps us with scheduling and planning of our weekly posts and reels on both Facebook and Instagram. It has been great having her help and knowing that our social media platforms have consistency. Melissa is very good at picking the right imagery for our target audience and has great attention to detail. She is very professional and works well with our deadlines. Thank you for keeping us on track. 

Jay Beaton

Owner, Sleepy Owl Devon

Mel wrote the podcast show notes for one our VA agency's clients for 6 months and did a fantastic job. She understood the needs of our clients' business and how we needed to work to a particular process for said client. Her communication was always prompt & clear. She has imparted great value to the strength of the podcast and we only moved away from her services due to the client expanding her in house marketing team. Thank you Mel!

Abigail Chandler

Owner, The Holistic Assistant

Melissa creates interesting posts from

our social media plan, she regularly communicates with us and can be relied upon to schedule the social media posts when we want them. Melissa works quickly and efficiently to produce quality social media copy and imagery.

Sally Robinson

OwnerAmple Bosom

Melissa has a very positive, professional and timely attitude towards her work. There is a strong sense of trust in her content marketing support and it was a pleasure to work together. I would 100% recommend her for all things content and copywriting!

Rebecca Griggs

Growth Manager, Unplugged

Melissa took on our Facebook and Instagram posts for a few months. It was very helpful knowing we had social media posts planned for the month ahead, so
we could get on with running the rest of
our business.

Charlotte Foster

Owner, The Meadows at Polehanger

Melissa's expertise has been invaluable in helping us reach a wider audience and staying on top of our social media. She has written copy for our website and now manages all our social media, which leaves us more time to focus on growing other parts of the business. Melissa is very good at planning ahead and is always on time with everything she does. We would happily recommend her services.

Will Gowland

Co-founderArchitect's Holiday

It's quite a leap of faith, choosing to work with someone you haven’t met. Working remotely with Melissa has been a success. She quickly gets to grips with the subject matter, is thorough with her research, and keeps me organised as to timetabling of my blogs, newsletters and media. Melissa certainly helps me feel more in control of that side of my business.

Ruth Tuer

Owner, Crake Trees Manor

Melissa is organised, professional and thorough. She really ‘gets’ what I’d like her to do and then produces fantastic content above and beyond what I’d manage myself. I really look forward to seeing the results of her work each month for both my social media posts and my blog. A valuable addition to my marketing and online social interaction. Thank you so much Melissa’s Copy!

Bryony Gittins

Owner, Llanthony Castaway

We have had the pleasure of Melissa’s help. She has taken time to understand our company and brand well. She is both creative and has great attention to detail when creating content. Her contribution has been so helpful to our business and we are looking at ways we can work together on other projects in the future.

Caroline Fowler

Owner, North Norfolk Glamping

Our business relies on Instagram posts to generate bookings for our cabins, but scheduling posts would often get pushed down the priority list with everything else going on. Melissa got in touch at the perfect time, and after a short call I was so excited to get started with her to take this off my plate. 

We have been working together for a couple of months and our Instagram is doing better than ever. Melissa's copywriting and image curation is awesome. She works hard, makes it super easy to see what is going to be posted and if we do want to make any changes, Melissa is super responsive and makes it happen quickly. 

If you're on the fence about getting someone to manage your socials, just do it!

Ben Elliott

Co-founder, Unplugged

Outsourcing our social media and blog content to Melissa has proven to be an excellent decision. I felt confident we could work together as soon as I met her. She has never let me down, is incredibly organised and writes engaging content. I'm looking forward to working with her on many more projects.

Denise Hobbs

Owner, Swallowfields Luxury Glamping Retreat

Melissa has been writing copy for our social media for a few months, and has understood our business and our market well. Her messages are clear and precise. I would recommend her services to any small business that needs professional copywriting / social media management.

Charles Hooper

Owner, Forest Garden Shovelstrode

Melissa is working on our 2 businesses: our holiday cottages and our health club. She is very efficient and prompt with all her posts. Melissa plans out content and presents it to us for proofreading, so we always feel confident that the content will express what we wish to convey. Her contribution to our social media has been very rewarding and we hope it will continue.

Crissy Stoker

Owner, Village Farm Holiday Cottages

Mel has been fantastic in setting up our website. She has been patient in dealing with us and has been very amenable in our requests for the site. We would definitely recommend Melissa’s Copy to anybody looking to boost their social media presence and for expert website design and management.

Aaron Jones

Owner, Newent Hedgehog Rescue Centre

Wanting to reach a wider audience and create a neater and more interesting social media feed, Mel has been so constructive in developing this side of our business. We are so happy with the work she has carried out for us and would recommend her to anyone who needs some extra guidance and support with content and PR! 

Kevin Jones

Owner, Hush Hush Glamping

Having owned a few businesses, I have

learnt the importance of keeping on top of one's website. Websites are increasingly the face of your business, particularly in today's times; and so we decided to reach 

out to Melissa. Melissa covers all website duties from SEO through to copywriting, as well as blogs, social media, proofreading and no doubt more. We signed up to one of Melissa's monthly packages, which has really helped us to focus on other areas of our business. We are absolutely delighted 

with Melissa's continual efficiency and I 

have no hesitation in recommending her. 

Patrick GS

Owner, Exe Valley Glamping

Melissa was a pleasure to work with and I was regularly amazed by her diligence and attention to detail. As a technical copywriter, she is able to research a very specific topic and produce excellent and engaging content; whether that be web copy, blog posts or case studies.

Jack O'Neill

Marketing Specialist, Lemon Marketing

Mel demonstrated fantastic design abilities and expertise, producing brilliant results which met the needs of my business. Communication and completion of work has been extremely prompt, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to my colleagues here in New Zealand. 

Rose Reeves

Estate Agent in New Zealand

After talking to Melissa, she could see that the packages she offered didn’t quite fulfil my needs, and she quickly drew up a bespoke plan that would benefit my business. Melissa is able to produce blogs and newsletters that are not only interesting and relevant, but they are also written in a similar voice to ones that I have previously produced myself - making the transition easy and stress free. I would highly recommend her to anyone in hospitality that recognises the importance of blogs and monthly newsletters, but doesn’t have the time to produce them. I’m looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together in the future!

Caroline Brook

Owner, Moonrise Lodges

Mel has been a wonder to work with as such an insightful and efficient copywriter. She has transformed our ordinary social media posts, newsletters and website blurbs into captivating information that appeals to our clients. Finding it difficult to create interesting blogs, Mel has helped us to organise our thoughts and create blogs that bring value and interest to our followers. Our customer reach has improved dramatically since working with Mel and we look forward to working with her into the future.

Alice Pond

Owner, Fostings Alpacas

I felt comfortable with Melissa from the start, I quickly developed trust in her. She is very easy to work with, running a business single handed is tricky and it’s great to be able to send potential social media ideas and content to Melissa as and when they come my way. I don’t have to chase, Melissa is proactive and it means that for the first time I have a regular social media presence. Thank you.

Heather Trappe

Owner, Chimney Corner Wales

We have been working with Melissa for some months now and are very impressed with her work. She writes engaging blogs and social media posts for us each month, and really takes the time to get a deep understanding of our business. She is very responsive and organised, and helps keep us on track with our social media schedule. I would highly recommend working with Melissa if you're looking for some help with blogs and social media!

Sally Robinson

Owner, Valley View Farm Cottages

It is always a pleasure to work with Melissa, she has a way with words and conveys our ideas into polished social media posts. We have also worked together writing newsletters which was a seamless process. We highly recommend Melissa, such a lovely person who makes regular social posting stress free!

Denise Millar

Owner, Pathgreen Glamping

Melissa has great insight into what will appeal to potential customers and is very efficient, effective and easy to work with. Highly recommended.

Jane Henry

Owner, Woodlands Holidays

Melissa has transformed the look and feel of our social media, with a much more professional and representative message for our newly launched holiday let. She answers all our questions and works with us to deliver the right message, and is always suggesting ways to enhance or improve our social media presence.

Nic Prior

Owner, Drym House

I was quite cautious about having support with our social media, but its definitely something that often gets pushed down the 'to do' list within a small family business. Melissa is always very responsive and works in a timely manner, which is so important for us. We have certainly increased our social media presence over the last few months working with her, and once we have our new website we are sure things will continue in the right direction.

Mandy Foss

Owner, Alfriston Cabins

Melissa is a pleasure to work with. She now manages my social media and writes regular newsletters and blog posts. She does this professionally, checking in with me when needed but has plenty of her own ideas and patiently puts up with my occasional feedback. She quickly got to grips with my area of the country and has been able to come up with excellent and relevant blogs and newsletter ideas. Her work has had a positive impact on my business, pushing up my website hits and leading to more bookings. I'd happily recommend Melisa for ongoing or one-off bits of marketing work. 

Emma Punchard

Owner, Mill Farm Eco Barn

We have been using Melissa's Copy for around 6 months and have been very happy with the quality of social media posts and blogs created for us. Melissa took the time to come up and see us, get to know the products and meet the team. She is responsive and diligent and we are very happy with the arrangement we have with her. 

Mark Smith

Owner, The Log Company & Kirami UK

I have been working with Melissa for a few months now and I am very pleased with her work. She has taken away the stress of always having to think about what to post on social media and I can now concentrate on other aspects of the business.
Melissa is extremely organised and writes a blog post for us each month which is well researched and written. Again, it is just something I would never have the time to do. The content she produces is great and relevant to our business. I would highly recommend Melissa.

Fiona Lavender

Owner, The Beeches Glamping

Working with Melissa has been a breath of fresh air. She has taken the time to understand our brand and pitches our blogs, newsletters and our social media content right where it needs to be. She takes the time to research and produce good quality content, on time and to a high standard. We would not hesitate to recommend.

Richard Coulter

Co-owner, Long Valley Yurts

Melissa has taken on our social media and blog content, and I can easily say we are very impressed and relieved that she is part of our small team! Melissa is nothing but easy to work with; extremely efficient and organised, writes beautiful engaging content and has captured the ethos of our business. I now look forward to the social media posts going live on our channels, rather than dreading having to write something myself! I really look forward to working together in the future and developing our copy further.

Becky Browning

Head of Events & Marketing, Browning Bros

Mel has been helping us with our social media for a few months now and we couldn’t be happier! The time and effort put into each post is clear to see. Mel interprets our needs so well - I can just send an idea or a photo and Mel produces the most amazing content. We cannot recommend her highly enough. Thanks Mel!

Hayley Ward

Owner, Wellspring Farm Holiday Cottages

Melissa is a pleasure to work with. She is super responsive and completes all work
to a high standard. She is full of good ideas on how to execute marketing strategies. I highly recommend working
with her!

Francis Hutley

Owner, Surrey Lakes Glamping

It was our first year of opening last year and it was difficult with all the lockdowns etc to get into the right mindset of creating content and forming a marketing plan. I asked Melissa to take over our social media so I could work on other areas of the business. Having Melissa there meant I didn't have to worry about our social media or blogs, allowing me to focus on growing the business. She is so helpful and very professional - highly recommended!

Leigh Williams

Owner, Church House Guestwick

Melissa, thank you for tackling our social media pickle. Your professionalism and support has been a time saving god send, and we appreciate your ongoing advice and the exposure we’ve achieved under your guidance. Thank you!

Tahimoana Kapa
Owner, Redbrick Barn & Studio

Melissa has completed various copywriting projects for me in the past.

Her writing is always of the highest-quality and she consistently delivers on time and

to brief. Highly recommended!

Jayne Covington

Commercial Manager, Aston & Fincher

Melissa has been writing regular blog content and social media posts for my business for over 6 months now. She is brilliant at coming up with new ideas for blog content when I am often stuck! Her idea to write a blog about a local festival near us has helped us to get recognised within our national park and the local community, which is a fantastic feeling! It's all down to Melissa. I look forward to working with her into the future.

Rose Atkinson

Owner, Reeth Holiday Cottages

Having spent most of my career in starting or running businesses and leading charities, I decided to look for a new resource to help me get my redundancy and career recovery coaching services noticed. I needed to find a team that understood the market I wanted to address, combined with the skills to shape excellent written content for blogs alongside a new website design assignment. It was not easy to find someone who offered this particular variety of skills, as I wanted to avoid being driven by technologists and focus on getting the messaging right.

In Melissa's Copy, I found the resource team I needed: exceptionally good listening skills, great copywriting skills with the correct use of English grammar and sentence construction, sharp understanding of marketing segmentation and finally a clever approach towards web and leaflet design - all of which are carefully synchronised with the technical aspects of website building and updating content. Melissa and her team provide great insight and support for any new market planning and communications venture. The team are fast to respond and offer excellent value. Highly recommended!

Peter McCann

Charity Trustee and Owner, CertaintyOne

Melissa has been writing regular monthly newsletters for my aesthetics business. The content she creates is informative and relevant to my business - I can't recommend her enough!

Sarah Gibbins

Owner, SG Aesthetics

Words Are Powerful. I Can Help You Discover Their Full Potential.

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