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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Speaks Volumes.

In today’s digital world, it is vitally important that your business has a bulletproof online presence. Social media is a totally FREE form of advertising, allowing you to elevate your brand above competitors.

Remember, your audience is free to switch off or unfollow you at any point, so it’s key to know your audience inside-out: What are they looking for? What kinds of content would they like to see? What would they find interesting? Keeping the conversation going across multiple platforms will ensure that you connect with your audience and maintain quality relationships.

Expert Content Strategy Solutions.

Melissa’s Copy can help develop your business’ brand across multiple social media platforms. I have a proven track record of developing extensive and valuable social media content strategies, helping you to promote the messages that really count. I deliver precise and engaging social media copy on a daily basis, as well as producing visually-striking branded imagery.

Step 1: Consultation

I offer FREE social media consultations to new clients. Firstly, I will paint a picture of your business’ brand, core beliefs, values and ethos; as well as your target audience and key competitors. This allows me to gain a deep understanding of your business and discover more about what you want to achieve via social media.

Step 2: Content Strategy

Some businesses thrive on the visual potential of Instagram, whereas others appeal more to audiences on Facebook and Twitter; I will design a quality content marketing strategy utilising your chosen social media platforms, helping you reach your target audience and expertly position your brand and offering.

Step 3: Post Creation

Once the strategy has been agreed, I will then begin to create quality social media posts with compelling copy and beautifully-branded imagery. All posts will be sent to you for approval prior to posting.

Step 4: Posting

Finally, I will post your expertly-crafted social media content across the agreed platforms. All posting schedules will correspond with popular user times, ensuring you reach as many people as possible and convert those casual social media browsers into well-paying customers.

Words Are Powerful. I Can Help You Discover Their Full Potential.

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