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Fostings Alpacas is an alpaca farm based in mid Wales, UK. They provide alpaca stud services and sell young alpacas (cria) from their 90 acre family farm. The company was established in summer 2018 by owners Alice Pond and Kevin Jones.

Fostings Alpacas approached Melissa's Copy back in June 2020 to request support with their website, blogs and social media. We worked with this client up until March 2021, providing a wide array of copywriting and content marketing support services.​

We designed this professional website for Fostings Alpacas, ensuring that it was user friendly and easy to navigate, with engaging and informative copy.

FA Blog 1.png

We have been writing regular monthly blogs for Fostings Alpacas since August 2020. Blog topics include: Caring for Alpacas: How to Administer Medications, Caring for Alpacas: Nutrition, Alpaca Facts: 7 Things You Didn't Know About Alpacas and more.


We have been designing and writing social media posts for Fostings Alpacas' Instagram and Facebook pages since June 2020. The posts have gone through 2 rebrands, and we have recently incorporated engaging carousel posts and videos within their Instagram content strategy. The client took over their social media management in April 2021.

The Wise Owl instagram


Average increase in monthly Instagram page reach*



Average increase in monthly website traffic*

The Wise Owl instagram


Average increase in monthly Instagram post engagement*

* Stats correct as of March 31st 2021.

Mel has been a wonder to work with as such an insightful and efficient copywriter. She has transformed our ordinary social media posts, newsletters and website blurbs into captivating information that appeals to our clients. Finding it difficult to create interesting blogs, Mel has helped us to organise our thoughts and create blogs that bring value and interest to our followers. Our customer reach has improved dramatically since working with Mel and we look forward to working with her into the future.

Words Are Powerful. I Can Help You Discover Their Full Potential.

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