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Finland-based Kirami OY is the largest wood-fired hot tub manufacturer in the world, with their UK brand (Kirami UK) being stocked by The Log Company in Yorkshire. The Log Company's head office and showroom is based in Yorkshire, with 2 further showrooms in Loughborough and London.

The Log Company approached Melissa's Copy back in January 2022 to request support with Kirami UK's social media. We have worked with this client ever since, providing high-quality content for usage on Instagram and Facebook.

We have been designing and writing social media posts for Kirami UK's Instagram and Facebook pages since January 2022. They also post their own content in collaboration with our posts. We have recently incorporated engaging reels within their Instagram content strategy, as well as carousel posts.

The Wise Owl facebook


Average increase in monthly Facebook page reach*

The Wise Owl instagram


Average increase in monthly Instagram page reach*

The Wise Owl facebook


Average increase in monthly Facebook post reach*

* Stats correct as of February 28th 2023.

We have been using Melissa's Copy for around 6 months and have been very happy with the quality of social media posts and blogs created for us. Melissa took the time to come up and see us, get to know the products and meet the team. She is responsive and diligent and we are very happy with the arrangement we have with her. 

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