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Copywriters vs AI: Why Hiring a Copywriter is Always the Best Solution

Since the beginning of 2023, copywriters all around the world have seen the rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence), which threatens to take over their jobs. Type in a few keywords, messages, and questions, and AI software can produce an article, blog post, or social media post within seconds. Sounds perfect, right?! However, there are some major drawbacks to using AI that you won’t encounter by employing an experienced copywriter. Today, we’re taking a deep dive into the main benefits of using a copywriter to create your content instead of AI…

How to Build a Strong Brand

1) A copywriter is a specialist in their field

When you employ a copywriter, you know that your content will be written by someone who is a specialist in your industry or field. Whilst an advantage of AI is that it can do everything and anything, this is also a significant drawback. It won’t know the correct terminology your business uses or how to tailor your content to your online audience or demographic, meaning you may have to manually make a lot of amends to your AI-generated content. Here at Melissa’s Copy, we have a team of university-educated specialists who have years of experience working in marketing, allowing us to create carefully crafted copy that is specifically tailored to your target audience. AI is just a computer system; it simply can’t recreate what a skilled professional can!

2) A copywriter writes with emotion and feeling

Human creativity is a critical part of the writing process, and despite its best efforts, it’s not something that AI can accurately recreate. Whilst AI can generate masses of content in minutes, it far from matches a copywriter’s nuance and creativity. The human experience is vital to creating content with personality, which is something an algorithm simply can’t provide. AI tools cannot replicate the creativity and emotion necessary to capture your audience’s attention, meaning that the content generated will not produce the desired results. A writer will always try to make their readers experience something in their writing; robots don’t have feelings, so they can’t engage in writing emotionally in the same way that a person can.

3) A copywriter will take your business’ individual needs into account

If you’re a small business and you’re stretched for time, you might think that using AI software is a convenient way to save time. However, AI cannot know your business’ individual needs, requirements, and targets. It can’t integrate anecdotes, engage in human feelings, or match your brand’s unique tone of voice. A copywriter will dig deep during their research, ensuring their content is interesting and engaging and really connects with your readers.

Our specialist copywriters have extensive knowledge and experience working within the glamping and holiday let industries, and we’ll work collaboratively with you to understand your business’ needs and target audience. Our team will create top-class content that really engages and resonates with your readers.

4) A copywriter takes the pressure off you

If you’re using AI tools to create written content, there’s still a certain level of work you have to put into it. You have to give the software an indication of what the piece is about and add in any important information and jargon the piece needs to include. Hiring a copywriter takes this pressure off you. They can do all the research and writing for you – you can just sit back and wait to read an engaging, interesting piece.

Whilst AI may create a competent blog or social media post which covers all bases, it can never match up to something a copywriter could produce, which would be genuinely meaningful to the reader. Generic content isn’t effective at selling your service; it’s how you engage with your prospective guests which helps you to connect with them on a deeper level.

5) A copywriter will proofread their work

AI software will do the best they can in creating a competent piece of writing, but when it’s written by a computer, there is the possibility that it might not read very well and could contain some mistakes. You can rest assured that a copywriter will proofread their work after it has been produced to ensure that it reads well and doesn’t contain any mistakes. This means there’s one less thing for you to worry about!

6) A copywriter will take SEO into account

One feature that AI software can’t take into consideration is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). A vital part of any business is using the right keywords on your website, ensuring you rank highly in Google searches. An AI bot is not capable of something this complex, as it takes extensive research, time, and skill for copywriters to pay close attention to the keywords they’re using in blogs. There are many other methods that help boost your blog’s SEO, such as included outbound links, alt-text, meta descriptions, meta tags, and heading optimisation – all features that AI software is not capable of.

Top Class Copywriting Support from Melissa’s Copy

If you’re looking for copywriting support for your glamping or holiday let business, don’t waste your time using AI software. Here at Melissa’s Copy, we have an experienced team of skilled copywriters who can create specialist copy for your website and social media platforms. We’ll create content from scratch, specifically tailored to meet your business’ individual needs and help your online engagement grow exponentially. Get in touch to book your FREE consultation with a member of our team today!

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