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Why Having a Company Blog Matters for Your Glamping/Holiday Let Business

In the years since the Coronavirus pandemic began, the glamping and holiday rental industries have exploded with an unprecedented demand in UK residents wanting to find an unforgettable staycation, without the hassle of travelling abroad. With so many offerings out there, it’s vitally important to set your glamping site or holiday let apart from the competition now more than ever.

Your business might have a wide range of different accommodation and activities to offer, and plenty of fantastic places to visit nearby, but there’s only so much information you can include on your website without overloading visitors. Having a regular blog means you can keep your website visitors up to date with great reasons to visit your glamping site or holiday let, in a way that’s quick and easy for them to read.

Melissa's Copy Company Blog

Why Should My Glamping/Holiday Let Business Have a Blog?

Keeping your website up to date with regular blog posts greatly improves your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Having strong SEO means that online visitors and potential guests are more likely to find your website when using search engines like Google.

Creating targeted blog content which is SEO-friendly is one of the best ways to stay digitally visible. Covering topics that resonate with your ideal client and match how they search for your business online is a really easy way to drive more traffic to your website. The CMS (Content Management Systems) used for most websites often gives you an indication of how strong or weak your SEO is, so there’s no reason not to make your blog content as SEO friendly as possible!

Which Types of Blogs Will Work Best for My Glamping/Holiday Let Business?

There are three main types of blog content that we recommend for the glamping and holiday rental industries:

  • Audience-based content which directly appeals to your target audience, for example ‘Romantic Retreats at [Glamping Site/Holiday Rental]’

  • Location-based content that highlights the local area, for example ‘Family Activities in [Area]’

  • Offerings-based content that discusses your offering, for example ‘New [Accommodation Type] Opening This Year’

Audience-based content is a great way to target your ideal audience. Perhaps a family are looking for a fun getaway during the school holidays, a couple are looking for a romantic retreat away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, or a group are looking for a girls’ weekend away accompanied by something sparkling and a relaxing soak in the hot tub. If your glamping site or holiday let caters to these audiences, a blog post is a great place to talk about it.

Location-based blog posts are perfect for discussing the local area and what’s on offer nearby at certain times of year. For example, you could put together a roundup of the most romantic activities to do nearby around Valentine’s Day, fun family activities to take part in during the Easter Holidays, or the most picturesque places to visit on a sunny summer’s day.

Offerings-based content is ideal for boasting about everything you have to offer at your glamping site or holiday rental. It could be a roundup of the fantastic activities you have available on site, highlighting some of your favourite accommodation features, or an update about new accommodation opening soon.

Five Fantastic Ideas for Glamping/Holiday Rental Blog Posts

If you’re not quite sure where to start, we’ve put together a few ideas to inspire your first blog posts. You can tailor these to your glamping or holiday let offering and the beauty of the area around you.

Offering-based blog: Incomparable Corporate Retreats at [Glamping Site/Holiday Rental]

Setting your business apart from the competition is one of the most strategic ways you can use your blog, especially if you have something unique to offer. This could be spa treatments, weddings, or in the case of this recent blog we created for our client Browning Bros., corporate events and retreats.

If your site has the capacity to host events like corporate retreats and weddings, a blog post is a fantastic place to elaborate on your offering. Emphasise the unique experience of a wedding or corporate retreat which allows guests to connect with each other and with nature, either in an intimate location allowing a small group to bond, or a large setting perfect for bringing your nearest and dearest together.

It's a great idea to do some research and find out if any sites nearby have a similar offering. Figure out what you offer that is different and unique (and better!) than the competition, and don’t be afraid to boast about these fantastic experiences to your guests.

Location-based blog: Top Five Things to See and Do in [Area]

One of the biggest assets you have is the area around you – beautiful towns and villages, places to do some shopping or grab a bite to eat, and unique activities to get involved in. Your blog is the perfect place to amplify the best of the best near your glamping site or holiday let. Be sure to consider your audience and the activities they might like to get involved in and ensure that all attractions you highlight are local to you (we recommend around 45 minutes’ drive away as the maximum).

You can target a more specific demographic with blogs like ‘The Most Challenging Hikes in [Area]’, or ‘The Most Relaxing Ways to Spend a Day in [Area]’, depending on your guests’ interests and abilities. It’s ideal to have a range of different blog posts to make sure all your potential guests can find something they’re interested in.

Audience-based blog: Things to Do with The Kids In [Area]

Staycations can be a wonderful way for families to spend some quality time together during the school holidays, and creating a blog post that highlights all the fun activities for the whole family to get involved in near your glamping site or holiday let is an excellent way to draw in potential guests.

Do some research on what your nearby towns and villages have to offer. There might be crazy golf courses, treasure trails, wild animal zoos, Go Ape courses, or historic castles to visit. Make sure that anything you’re choosing isn’t too far away (we recommend maximum 30 minutes’ drive) – if families have young children, they won’t want to spend too long in the car!

Don’t forget to finish off the blog post by focusing on what your glamping site itself has to offer families and children – board games, farm activities, play areas, fire pits to toast marshmallows and much more. That way, even if guests don’t want to venture too far afield, they’ll know there’s still plenty to do on site.

Location-based blog: Unmissable Events in [Region] in 2023

Regions of the country which see lots of tourists flocking to them each year are often buzzing hubs of activity, hosting unmissable events all year round.

Rounding up some of the biggest events taking place around the region can be a brilliant way to attract people to your glamping site or holiday let. These events may be the thing that attracts guests to the region in the first place, and they might be looking for somewhere to stay during their trip. If you can convince them that you are the best accommodation option when attending these events, they’ll have no reason not to book a stay with you.

Audience-based blog: Date Night Ideas in [Area]

A romantic staycation at a glamping site or holiday rental is the ultimate getaway for couples who want to escape everyday life and enjoy some quality time together. Couples can snuggle up together in front of a fire and take a romantic soak under the stars in a steaming hot tub.

A great way to draw couples in is to highlight fantastic date night ideas nearby. This could be restaurants and bars to enjoy a drink and a tasty meal, fun couples’ activities like cocktail-making or pottery classes (think Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore in Ghost!), or peaceful scenic evening walks.

Create Successful Blog Content that Sells with Melissa’s Copy

Melissa’s Copy can help bring your blog to life. Our expert team can write quality content on any subject, providing thoroughly researched and original blog posts. Our blog copywriting is engaging, clear and concise, with a definitive call to action.

Drop us an email at to find out more about how we can help you and your business!

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