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Social Media Trend Predictions for 2022

Social media is constantly evolving. Whilst all the new social media features and trends can feel overwhelming, they provide businesses with invaluable opportunities to experiment and connect with their audiences. It is essential for marketers, business owners and creators to stay at the forefront of current trends, to prevent against falling behind competitors and losing followers.

So, what’s on the horizon for social media in 2022? From the popular short-form video reels to the up-and-coming trend of user-generated content, we’ve compiled a list of our top social media trends to look out for in 2022…

Trend #1: Reels

We all know by now that video content is vital for successful social media strategies. As consumers’ attention spans decrease, there is a growing need for short and snappy ‘bitesized’ video content. Hello Instagram reels!

Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, recently stated that the platform has seen a growing number of users asking for more entertaining video content. According to this survey by wyzowl, 69% of users said that they would prefer to learn about a product or service by watching a short video. Therefore, it is vital that creative, innovative, and entertaining video content becomes a core component in your 2022 strategy.

It’s important to also recognise that consumers’ attention spans have gotten shorter and shorter over the years. There is a growing need for quick content that is easy to consume and is relevant to your target audience. The more you know about your audience, the easier it will become to create reels that boost engagement and maximise sales.

Trend #2: User-Generated Content

According to this report by Stackla, consumers are 2.4x more likely to consider user-generated content as more authentic than branded content – and this trend is set to skyrocket in 2022.

As Briana Rabiola, Social Media Manager at the American Association of Nurse Anaesthesiology, stated, “your audience wants the mic” – and passing it to them can really help improve your relationship. “This upcoming year, there’s going to be a lot more opportunity for customer collaboration,” says Rabiola. “User-generated content will continue to grow, taking a larger role in overall marketing strategy and campaign development. Audiences will become part of brand images and voice.”

This trend prediction may link to TikTok’s content trends. Whilst it cannot be said that TikTok invented user-generated content, it has certainly changed many people’s perspectives and these positive impacts can be applied to other social media platforms.

Trend #3: Social Shopping

Social shopping is set to boom in 2022, with more users than ever before purchasing products and services via Instagram and Facebook. Social shopping is set to become much easier and quicker this year.

Over the past few years, social media platforms have worked hard to create shopping experiences that allow users to purchase products without even leaving the app. In 2022, social media users will discover more products and services as they scroll through their social feeds. Brands will learn which products and shopping formats work best for their audience, and the platforms will launch new features to help businesses drive sales.

As social media platforms create even more ways for users to shop, brands will need to ensure that their online shops are correctly set up and come up with innovative and creative ways for users to shop their products online.

Social Media Strategies for Success from Melissa’s Copy

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